Rylision Steel company from Wuxi

I would like to warn everybody against the Rylision Steel company from Wuxi, China.

I would like to warn everybody against the Rylision Steel company from Wuxi, China.

The company committed fraud when supplying stainless steel to a European company. Please let me briefly describe the entire situation.

In May 2021, we have ordered 14 tons of stainless steel (10 tons of grade 316l „1.4404” steel and 4 tons of grade 304 „1.4301” stainless steel). We made the payment on the basis of a proforma invoice, on which the aforementioned steel grades were listed.

The goods went through customs in China within a few days, and were loaded onto a ship. The first problems arose during the customs clearance in Poland. The Rylision company was supposed to send us a certificate for the steel they had sold to us. The certificate was required for customs clearance. We have been asking for the certificate for several days, but all we heard was that the lady who was responsible for this is on vacation now, and that there is no way of sending it right now.. After several days, we finally got the certificate for the steel we had ordered. Everything was correct, it was nicely written that these are grades 1.4301 and 1.4404.

After the arrival of the goods and unloading the container, we cut off samples of the sheet for analysis, and we brought them to a certified laboratory so as to proceed with a chemical analysis of the steel and determine the grade of the stainless steel. We received the results on the next day. It turned out that 1.4301 and 1.4404 steel are the same sheet, and their chemical composition is not compliant with any standards, with the European, or even with the Chinese classification. It is not even possible to determine what this is. You can find the results of the analysis below:

Jiangsu Rylision Steel Co., Ltd does not want to explain this is any way, there is almost no contact on their part. We handed the case over to an international law firm and we will be trying to get the lost money back. We will let you know about the results in our next entries.

After thoroughly checking the Internet, we came across another entry about such practices of this company. What this means is that this company does this frequently.


If you have also been cheated by the Jiangsu Rylision company, please contact us, and we will publish this information on our website as well.